The Coolest Tattoo Trends Of 2017

Sometimes getting a tattoo is almost a spiritual journey. Some tattoos are highly personal, and evoke a memory, person, or feeling. They hold a special meaning and are an expression of your growth or dreams. But sometimes – well, sometimes you just want stuff that looks cool. Hey, that’s okay too! Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Here are some of the best looking trends for 2017.

Minimalist Design

After years of intricate designs, people have recently embraced minimalism. Some choose to go the literal route, and do tiny designs. These do have their advantages- they are great as starter ink, for personal, meaningful designs, but also if you work in a very conservative environment, as they are easily concealed. Another iteration of the same trend is minimalist in a different way. Instead of going with small, some people tend to choose extremely simple, for instance single line designs, with just the outline of the shape they want.


Mandalas are bright, beautiful, complex and evoke a sense of spirituality. They are a great fit for those who embrace Eastern philosophy, but also those who just like complex geometric design. If you would like a custom mandala that will carry special meaning for you, look into the art of mandalas. They are not just pretty circles, but rather a symbol that is meant to bring you harmony and balance.

Bright colours

Are you tired of serious looking black and grey ink? Do you see yourself as bubbly and cheerful? Then the bright colour trend is perfect for you. With so many beautiful and varied ideas, it’s easy to choose fun colours. Use bold and vibrant pigments for an extra punch, and a unique, energetic feel. One of the most popular ways to incorporate colour is to embrace the watercolour trend. It has a beautiful, almost ethereal look, and is perfect for the romantics and the artistically inclined. If you love art, but watercolours bore you to tears, Cubist inspired designs are another popular and colourful trend.


One of the strangest and most extreme new trends might be a reaction to the previously mentioned minimalism and bright colours. This one is definitely not for the indecisive or discrete. Blackout tattoos have been all the range lately, but what are they really? They are large portions of skin covered entirely in black ink. The results are striking, you could even say mesmerising. They are most commonly done on the arms or legs, but back and chest are popular choices too. Blackouts are excellent for covering up old or unwanted ink. If there are some parts of your old ink that you like, you can do blackouts around it. The design will stand out even more.

Big designs

After all, if you view your body as a canvas, then why not make the most of it? A lot of small tattoos can be thematically unrelated and seem random. More and more, tattoo lovers have been choosing sprawling, ambitious works that cover large areas of their bodies. Full sleeves and chest are an option. Currently one of the most popular choices for custom tattoos are full back and leg tattoos. Go big or go home!

Whatever you choose, whether you’ve thought long and hard about it, or made a spur of the moment decision, there’s only one thing to bear in mind. Choose something you love! If you feel like you can’t stop staring at it because it’s just so darn cool – that means you chose well!

Author: Diana Smith. You can follow her on Google+ here or on Twitter here.

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