Think Before You Chop… Please!

Some people deal with boredom by playing a game, reading a good book or going for a walk etc. I, on the other hand, start to search hairstyles online for inspiration for my next trip to the hairdressers and I’ll be honest: this never ends well, or at least not how I envisioned it.
I wish I had the willpower to wait and book an appointment asap to get my hair chopped by a professional but if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m incredibly impulsive and so within minutes of lusting over Alexa Chung and other celebrities known for their signature hairdo’s, I’m reaching for the scissors and chopping like there’s no tomorrow. With very limited experience- this is never a good idea. I’ve had some, what I like to call, lucky turn-outs but I’ve also had a lot more of “I’m never leaving the house again” catastrophes.

I remember once in High School, I pulled all of my hair to one side of my face, wrapped behind my neck and cut along a straight (ish) line. I’m cringing to myself even writing this. Now, obviously you can imagine my shock and confusion when I parted my hair and saw that one side was significantly longer than the other. Yikes! I think my year 8 self got bored of the ponytail she was going to be wearing for the next year and a half.

Only 3 months ago I made almost the exact same mistake. I decided to cut a fringe into my hair. “This can’t be too difficult, can it?” *think back to 6 years ago, Piper!* “It’s literally just a straight line across your forehead, you can do this. It will be fine.” *You’ll be heading to Primark for a huge stash of bobby pins soon* and surely enough, it went horribly wrong. Cutting a straight line of thousands of little strands of hair seemed now impossible. I kept cutting and cutting until I finally got it straight, only now my fringe finished 1/4 of the way down my forehead. I thought “OK. High fashion! This must be a trend” and I started a mass Tumblr search for cute girls with short fringes. As much as I tried to convince myself that it looked ok I knew that everything was really far from ok.

The message here really is- leave it to the professionals!

What’s the biggest hair related mistake you’ve made? I’ll try not to laugh…

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