Gratitude Journal: The Beauty of 6AM

6AM used to be a time of day I only got to see through squinted eyes whilst half asleep, stumbling to the bathroom. But now, early mornings are a short period of time where blankets feel a little warmer, minds a little clearer and coffee a little sweeter. So what changed?

I decided that mornings were for me- not for work.

5:30 is my favourite time to rise. A time for reflection, gratitude and preparation. Everything’s still for a second and the only noise heard is that from the birds debuting their new song. I find myself tiptoeing especially light-footed on my hardwood floors before the world has woken up with me. I can take this time to read a newspaper, write in my journal and meditate before pouring myself a hot cup of sanity and joining the world outside my four walls of oasis.

I spend too much time wishing away hours and waiting for minutes to pass. Mornings are my time to really exist in the now and instil my appreciation for the things that time will, one day, inevitably take away from me. So as I pull my sweater down to cover my hands, waiting for the clouds to pass and welcome the turning of a new page, I find myself in a state of awe,  A couple extra hours shut eye can no longer compete with the delicacy of witnessing the day break. And for this, I pity late rises.

Without a car in sight, I send a smile to the only other person I can see and it feels as though we are the only ones experiencing this morning together. I try to predict today’s forecast using the snippets of the sun I can see through the trees as jigsaw pieces.

The truth is, I’m totally, hopelessly and unapologetically addicted to that early morning high that gets my creative juices flowing without any outside perception or expectation.

I have a strange fascination with other people’s morning routines, so feed my habit and let me know what your average day looks like in the comments.

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