6 Things Makeup-Free Days Have Taught Me

Please stop apologising for your face.

Right now, I am curled up in bed with the flu, wallowing in self pity. This, of course, means I had no energy to put any makeup on this morning. Makeup free days, however, are no longer a rarity for me and I am honestly happy to say this.

I’m a person who loves to get dressed up, I love the creative feel to doing an everyday makeup routine and I love the confidence it gives me so when I was considering going makeup free, I knew that it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever. I just simply didn’t want to view it as something that needed to be done before I left the house which is unfortunately what it became for me so here’s 6 things I learnt from going makeup-free (ish).

I had more time

I’d woken up a little later than planned for work after having a bad nights sleep the night before, I had around 15 minutes, after showering, to complete my morning routine. Normally doing my makeup would be a priority at this point (even coffee came 2nd- and that’s saying something) but instead I decided to slap on a little moisturiser and spend the rest of my time planning my day out and packing my bag. I left the house feeling more organised and ironically, more put together.

My confidence grew

Although at first I was terrified, I’d walked into work and actually received compliments on how healthy my skin looked- “vegan skin” one girl called it, “the power of vegetables”. I’d laugh it off and carry on with my day. It was nice to feel just as empowered by my natural skin as I am with 15-30 mins worth of canvasing.

I found other ways to show professionalism

Admittedly, the thing that worried me the most was thinking I looked “unprofessional” without my makeup. That I’d look tired, less put together and therefore- less able. I found that, actually, I put more effort into the way I was dressing, how I did my hair and more importantly, how I was acting.

I began to see things I liked

From years of covering up my flaws every single day and minimising features I thought were too big, I forgot about the things I do like. My freckles, for example. The freckles most people didn’t even know I had.

I began to address my problems head on

The reality is, I’ve always been good with skincare. The only problem was that no matter how much you exfoliate, tone and moisturise your skin, if your lifestyle isn’t healthy, your skin isn’t going to be either. I had to change the regularity of my exercise, drink more water and make sure I was getting enough sleep. I became more aware of my needs because my body was telling me what I needed to do.

I don’t need it

The most important thing I learnt was that I don’t need makeup. It doesn’t mean that I’m never going to use it again or that I hate wearing it, it just means that I now have the confidence to see it as more of a choice. Some days I’m going to spend 30 minutes doing myself up and feeling good about it and others, I’m going to spend doing other things because I don’t feel like slapping on a face that day. Either way my morning turns out, I’m going to be confident.

Have you ever tried a makeup free challenge? How did it make you feel?


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