How to Get Out of a Blogging Slump

Every writer has experienced and can relate to the term ‘writers block’. It doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a #1 best seller, a pop princess like Adele or a novice in the ever-growing blogging world- you’re not immune to it. It’s easy to put things off and wait for the next creative spell to be cast over you. When deadlines need to be met and anxiety provoking emails are piling up but you just feel like all of your creative juices have been sapped, sometimes you just need a quick fix. So, how do you kick start your creativity?
Creators of musical excellence experience the same thing and I’ve heard a few stories of musicians locking themselves away and listening to music on repeat and doing nothing else. Although my advice would never be to hibernate in your room reading blog posts all day, I think we can definitely take some inspiration and lessons from these people by looking to people within our field of work. I find that after reading a good blog post, I’m inspired to create something myself. Get on Bloglovin’ and get through posts that catch your eye. With coffee in hand and stimulation from someone else’s inspiring words- that dark cloud will be soon lifted
One of the worst things is looking at an empty page. It’s daunting, and in some ways the first few words are the hardest to get down. Scribbling some different ideas on a page might help in this instance. Write down some quotes or snippets of sentences to get your brain started and soon a cartoon-like light bulb will appear on the top of your head *ding* and you won’t be able to stop writing.
If looking to creators in your field isn’t endorphin releasing then turn to others. You may want to try:
  • Reading a book/magazine
  • Watching a movie or your favourite TV show
  • Listening to some good music (The Smiths always chill me right out- personally)
  • Reading or writing some poems
  • Adult colouring
This may sound a little backwards but I definitely feel more inspired to create when I listen to a good song or become engrossed in TV. It sparks emotions in you and, as a writer, makes you want to put it into words and you can go back to your work with a fresh pair of eyes to critique the things you may have already done.
Another way to help lift the stress of creating content is to clear your mind. If you’ve been doing the same thing all day, every day it’s possible that you may need time out to just chill. Put down your computer, grab your keys and head out for a drive or a quiet walk. Even meditate! I’ve come up with some of my favourite pieces after doing exactly this. I know for some people this method wouldn’t work but I certainly work better when I’m relaxed and if you’re the same, get yourself some fresh air and clear your mind.
5. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing your environment. Sitting home alone while trying to write or having the distractions of home life deter you from your work just isn’t productive. If you find that your home isn’t the best place for you to work, try nipping to a near-by coffee house with WI-FI or local library. With other people working around you and being away from your usual environment you may feel more like a boss.
If all else fails; stick the kettle on, load a TED Talk like this one and see how you get on.
What do you like to do to kick start your creativity? 
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