Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason

“So we’ll just let things take their course, and never be sorry.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sometimes bad things just happen. You can try to see the bigger picture or ask yourself what you did to deserve this, connecting the dots from past mistakes but there’s no real way to escape this reality. It just happens.

If you believe that there is a bigger picture and that everything does, in fact, happen for a reason then you’re not just talking about the fact someone else got that promotion and not you, you must also believe that there’s something bigger than the suffering of the 21,000 people who die globally from starvation every day. You must also believe that there’s a purpose, a deeper meaning, for a loving family losing their baby.

I realise that I sound incredibly negative right now and I promise you there’s a point here, just bare with me.

You see, we’re quick to give ourselves credit for the things we achieve and we can see there’s no bigger picture to said achievement other than the fact we worked hard for it. Equally, good things happen which come out of nowhere, a strike of luck, some might say. There’s no bigger picture here either, it’s just the way the cards had been dealt that day.

So what do I believe?

Saying “everything happens for a reason” relinquishes any responsibility or credit for the events that follow. I believe that good things can come from the bad if we allow them to. This is a much more positive way to look at the events of your life as it gives the control back to you and says that if you’re going to grow from this and become a stronger person it’s because you decided that this would be the case.

Sometimes bad things just happen. You have a right to grieve, react and respond in whatever way you need to in order to get through but all the growth that comes from that was in you all along and it’s time we started giving ourselves credit for this and stop handing it out to the world and it’s karmic cycle.

I hope this post made a little bit of sense and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this?
  1. Well put. I think you’re absolutely correct, when you say we love to take credit for good things that happen to us, but kind of brush the bad ones under the carpet, it wasn’t our fault after all.

    Maya | londondamsel.co.uk

    1. Hi Maya. I’m glad that you liked the post and that it seems to have come off in the right way instead of me coming off as a negative nelly! Thanks so much for your comment.

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