Livin’ Italy, Leeds

Have you ever visited a place and thought “why in the world haven’t I been here sooner?” well that’s exactly how I felt when I first came to Livin’ Italy. I ordered cooked ham with herbs, scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes and it was delicious. Since then I’ve been popping in for a quick spot of lunch and sometimes just a coffee run as it’s just around the corner from where I live.

I was always naive in thinking that the best places to eat must be right in the centre of Leeds and boy, was I wrong.

Livin’ Italy is an Italian (believe it or not) Wine and Cocktail restaurant situated in Granary Wharf, just below the train station. For people that live away from the centre I get that it can seem a little far out (I used to live in Bramley, I know) but if you find yourself shopping in Leeds Trinity or anywhere around there on a weekend it’s really not that far of a walk. Not to mention- definitely worth it!

The last time I visited, I just had to snap some pictures as I have fallen for the decor throughout but the main thing I have to talk to you about is the coffee. Oh my god.

For a while now I’ve been all over the 99p (!) white filters from Pret. I’d literally drink like 6 cups a day from there. No lie! But there’s something really satisfying about trying different types of coffee and this has to be my favourite yet. A Marocchino. Espresso, cocoa, fluffy milk and Nutella. What’s not to love? The coffee itself was incredible and believe me, I was spooning that chocolate off the sides like nobodies business when I’d finished.

Before I start getting Livin’ Italy Marocchino blues I’m going to leave it there but please, if you’re ever in the area definitely pop in for a quick one. You’ll love it!

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